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Investment Management

with Insight

Investors benefit from Sabal’s national sourcing team who contribute to a consistent, robust pipeline of opportunities across established and new investment strategies. Sabal’s vertically integrated platform ensures attentive oversight and management of fund investments while offering clients and customers a high level of service.

What We Do

What We Do

On behalf of its fund investors, Sabal Investment Management pursues diversified and cyclically tactical commercial real estate investment strategies. Utilizing the national sourcing network across the entire Sabal Platform, our team identifies and pursues superior commercial real estate investment opportunities with attractive risk / return characteristics:

Over $13 Billion

of Potential Investments Sourced Annually

Nearly $5 Billion

originated and serviced nationally

Industry Expertise

National leader in small asset lending and investing

How We Do It
How we do it
The Sabal Difference

How We
Do It

Sabal’s experienced investment management professionals carefully examine and track market trends and opportunities in formulating and executing successful Investment Strategies through changing market conditions. Since 2010, the firm’s successful Investment Experience has cultivated a cautious but opportunistic approach toward investing through all parts of economic cycles. Their insight is enhanced by their connection with the broad national transaction activity of the vertically integrated Sabal Platform.

Investment Experience

As Sabal acquired and managed over $8 billion of distressed CRE loans and assets following the global financial crisis, the firm developed its platform and infrastructure having become one of the top investors of distressed CRE debt and real estate. Sabal developed a premiere, highly-rated servicing and asset management platform through the acquisition and resolution process.

Investment Strategies

Sabal leverages upon its experience and expertise in small asset investing pursuing strategies that capitalize upon the firms relationships to find a consistent flow of attractive risk/return balanced investment. The funds invest in B-Piece securities from Freddie Mac small balance securitizations as well as Sabal CRE CMBS securitizations. Additionally, the funds have additional flexibility to invest in other special situations on a one-off basis. As investment cycles persist, Sabal’s investment strategies will continue to evolve and the team will stay focused upon targeting cyclically tactical strategies with attractive risk/return characteristics.

Succeeding with Sabal

with Sabal

Our success is directly measured by the success of our partners. That’s why we work to develop solutions and programs that help clients and investors capitalize on the small balance market, while providing life-of-a-loan servicing unlike any other.

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